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A key element of MBR’s approach is its responsiveness to project requirements. When unique, temporary or sudden needs arise due to inclement weather, special events or unforeseen conditions, MBR will implement the following steps:

  1. Attempt to realign Company personnel from within the program organization.
  2. Bring on part-time/on-call personnel on a temporary basis.
  3. Commit other qualified Company personnel from other locations on a short-term basis.
  4. Bring on additional subcontractors.

MBR will monitor individual workloads at all levels of contract activity and take appropriate action in terms of staff additions or deletions in order to maintain optimum performance during the life of the contract. MBR will prepare a key staff members contingency plan which will take into account the possible need for temporary or permanent staff replacement; for vacations, illnesses, and unforeseen developments. This plan will draw from current MBR headquarters staff to fill in when staffs are absent from their jobs temporarily for any reason. When a temporary or permanent replacement is likely to be needed, the matter will be reviewed with the appropriate contracting officer to secure agreement on the individual proposed and the length of time that the individual might occupy the position.

MBR will work closely with technical monitors to coordinate all necessary re-prioritization or redirection. The Firm’s performance on previous and existing contracts has yielded us experience in addressing and satisfying changing requirements. MBR’s organization is tailored to provide flexibility of personnel assignments in support of changing project needs.